Monday, 21 February 2011


2466 The Blackneck Lygephila pastinum (Treitschke, 1826)*
This species is described as very local in Yorkshire and these are the only Calderdale records to date .-
1 adult to light at Hedge Top Lane on the 13th July 2007 was  the first record for Calderdale.(AC). 1 at light at Wyvern Terrace on 15th July 2008 (MH).
1 at light at Brookfoot on  22nd July 2008 and 2 on the 7th July 2009 (MSh)
3 netted on the evening of the 30th June 2010 at Tag Meadow,Cromwell Bottom.(AC)
The first record of the hansome species was in  1965 of a hibernating imago and then one adult at light in 1965 at Elland.It is now recorded throughout the area at light,sugar and wine ropes  from 31st March  to 25thSeptember .3 at wine ropes on the 25th Sept,2008  Hall wood Todmorden and 4 in Hebden bridge canal tunnel throughout the winter of 2009/10 are the  maximum counts.

2474 Straw Dot Rivula sericealis (Scopoli, 1763)
Recorded at light and can be disturbed from cover during the day.This migrant species was first recorded at Rochdale Road, Walsden on 21st July 2004(BL)  and also in that year on the  5th and 6th  August. It is now thought to be resident in small numbers and these can be swelled in good migrant years. Records at light  throughout the area between early June and late September. On the evening of the 3rd June 2010 at least 4 were seen flying on tag loop Cromwell Bottom and 5 to light HedgeTop Lane 4th September 2010.

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