Monday, 21 February 2011


Scarcley recorded in our area and in VC63 as a whole all records are as follows -
1 at Park road Elland on the 15.May 1999 , 10th  November 2000,26th May and 20th July 2001,21st and 13 september 2002 and an amazing 5 on the 16th March 2004.(PT)
1 at Moor End Gardens, Pellon 15th  August 2000.(NCD)
1 at light Todmorden 3rd April  2008(BL)
1 at light Knott Wood Hebden Bridge 24th April 2010(MH,CH,BL,AC)

1 netted at dusk in Bankhouse wood 3rd August 2010 (CS)

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